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Sneakers Social Style Guide

Rules and guidelines for @ebaysneakers ig account, developed to act as a blueprint of the desired design direction. The form in which these graphics and photography are treated are meant to ensure a consistent and cohesive look & feel throughout the handle.


When establishing a color scheme, it was crucial to take cues from the sneaker itself. This is especially important since many sneakers have rare and exclusive colorways that generate excitement and hype. By allowing the shoe to lead the way, we can create a color palette that complements and enhances the unique features of each sneaker, resulting in another layer of visually compelling and impactful storytelling.


Exploring typography is a great way to break up an image-heavy feed, to showcase our personality, or to make bold statements.

Injecting them with typographic or textural design elements help to highlight the product story or bring a sense of excitement into what could be a generic asset.


This layered collage technique gives us the ability to switch out product and background photos, offering flexibility and a range of expressions while maintaining consistency throughout our grid.


As an alternative to the sneaker sole treatment, we may use a sneaker’s macro shot as a way to add depth to a simple composition.


The texture of a sole is not only a functional
element, but a unique identifier of a shoe. We can leveraged this pattern and turn it into a graphic element to interweave the sneaker story into our composition.


The quality of a texture creates a tactile illusion plays a role in establishing a setting or sense of place. These selected texture swatches were inspired by sneaker culture and its environments.


This marker inspired font is textural, expressive, and includes various weight variants, which allows us to have more flexibility with our design applications.


Design Director