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ROGA, a play on words that combines running and yoga was a free programming provided by the Santa Monica Pier Corporation and launched in 2013. The class started with a run portion at 8AM followed by a 9AM yoga class at the end of the Pier.

A favorite with locals looking for a cost effective way to shake off their Friday night, those who hit the snooze button often skip the run and make it for 9 am yoga. Each week of the six week series featured a different acclaimed yoga instructor in a judgment-free environment for all levels.

With the sound of the ocean as a backdrop, and before the crowds hit the pier, the west end of the Pier comes
alive with downward dogs, breathing exercises, and child’s pose.

In order to create a welcoming and lighthearted atmopshere for this programming, we implemented the use of whimsical illustrations featuring active humans and Pier animals paired with a bright and joyful palette.