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Design direction for 2022 Panda Express’ integrated Lunar New Year campaign

In-store signage

Custom Illustration for Window Signage

Digital Assets for Dotcom

Lucky Envelopes & Fortune Cards

For nearly 40 years, Panda has invited guests to celebrate Lunar New Year with loved ones through good food and good fortune. Continuing a beloved tradition, Panda Express locations nationwide handed out over one million red envelopes on Feb. 1, as well as a collectible fortune card inspired by Panda's signature lucky dishes. Panda's customizable Family Meal helps guests come together to perience their own combination of Lunar New Year dishes and personal favorites. From Orange Chicken (orange for prosperity) to Honey Walnut Shrimp (representing happiness), Chow Mein (symbolizing longevity) and Egg Rolls (resembling wealth), there are countless options sure to make everyone happy.

Family Meal Carrier

Bespoke illustrations for the family meal carrier, depicting the joyful hustle and bustle scenes of pandas and people preparing for Chinese New Year and enjoying food.

Good Fortune Arcade

As part of our campaign, we created The Good Fortune Arcade, aiming to evoke a sense of nostalgia while introducing a modern way of telling the Lunar New Year story. In each level, players are tasked with catching the legendary monster behind the holiday's origin, Nian, who has stolen their lucky foods. As they progress, each player worked to collect these lucky dishes, while dodging obstacles along the way. After each completed level, players unlocked a fortune card containing a discount code for online ordering.

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Selection of display banners

Brooklyn Pop-up Activation

Inspired by the launch of Good Fortune Arcade game, Panda Express’ Brooklyn location temporarily transformed its exterior to bring the arcade to life by incorporating elements of the legendary monster Nian and Pandas that wrapped around the storefront’s corner, putting a modern yet nostalgic twist on the origin story and food symbolism behind Lunar New Year.

Within the pop-up experience, guests were able to play the game in IRL on the Good Fortune Arcade machine or on their phones, unlocking various rewards redeemable online at any Panda Express location nationwide.

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Design direction


John Duch