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Bread ‘n Breakfast App Concept

A mobile app concept to make requesting shift coverage and shift swapping more efficient


I came up with this idea after picking up a per diem job in healthcare over the first summer of grad school. I loved the flexibility I had in choosing when to pick up work shifts, but I quickly encountered an annoyance that many of my colleagues felt similarly about. Per diem employees within the organization weren't given work phones like the full time employees, but we needed to use registered devices to access certain programs needed for work (such as our work emails). This meant that we weren't always checking our emails, so our colleagues who were looking for time off would then have to text our personal phones to request shift coverage. This system worked... but it was inefficient and tedious. I, along with both my per diem and full-time colleagues, wanted something that could work better. So I came up with Diem, designed to make the life of a per diem employee (like me) easier, and give us all a little more time to seize the day.


Conceptualize an app that allows employees to swap shifts and ask for coverage amongst themselves to promote efficiency and convenience.


UX Designer and Prototyper


Crafting the Personas

Based off of 5 informal interviews conducted with my colleagues at work, I created two personas based off common user goals and pain points.

User Flow

Choreographing the User Experience



My goal when I started sketching was to come up with ideas on how I could make the design intuitive. I didn't want users to need to play around with the app for too long before being able to figure out how it worked. I took inspiration from mobile calendar apps, as many users are familiar with them, and made accepting shifts on Diem very similar to adding events to a mobile calendar.


Low-Fidelity Wireframing


High-Fidelity Prototype


What did I learn from Diem?